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Top 16 things you MUST know before owning a car

| Auto TIps & Tricks | March 5, 2015

malaysia lubricant

Buying a car is easy, maintaining it is the real challenge. You would have heard this so many times, it seems like a law. Whether you are planning to buy the latest Proton Saga or the Peugeot 206, there are certain things you must know before owning a car. We list out the top 16 must-knows.

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What Are Your Tyres Telling You?

| Auto TIps & Tricks | January 29, 2015

malaysia tyres

Do you notice a lot of words on your tyres? Do you know that they actually mean something, each and everyone of them?

There is a school of thought which says that your tyres (or wheels) are the most crucial part that can determine your safety when driving because it is the only contact point between you and the ground.

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Top Ways You can Get into Trouble Driving in Malaysia

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 31, 2014

malaysia trouble driving

Did you know that driving with your cabin light on at night is an offence?

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How to get rid of the stench coming out from your AC

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 24, 2014

malaysia stench car

Do you often find yourself having the problem of not knowing where this certain foul smell comes from when you switch on your car’s air-conditioning?

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Top Safety tips for Women drivers

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 17, 2014

malaysia safety driving for women

Women drivers! Be mindful and diligent always, it could save your life


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RON95 or RON97? Is there a difference?

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 4, 2014

malaysia ron petrol

Very soon, price of RON95 and RON97 might be similar. Besides that, what are the differences?

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No Petrol Subsidies mean higher or lower petrol prices?

| Auto News | November 28, 2014

malaysia petrol subsidies

Starting 1st December 2014, Malaysians no longer get any subsidies for petrol. What does this mean?

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Tips on how to get more value for your used car

| Auto TIps & Tricks | November 19, 2014

malaysia paint job

Buying a car, regardless of whether it is a new or used one has many challenges. But before you go out and start negotiating with a used car dealer for a vehicle you like, you might have to get rid of your current vehicle.

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Is Meter Tempering possible?

| Auto TIps & Tricks | November 16, 2014

malaysia tempered meter

When buying a used car, you will always find one which is ‘accident free’ with ‘low mileage’. While we have elaborated on what accident free means, low mileage might be another challenge.

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Flooded Roads – How to drive past them

| Auto TIps & Tricks | November 13, 2014

malaysia flooded roads

Towards the end of each year, the Malaysian climate becomes more erratic than ever. In recent years, there have been reports of unusual floods happening in the most peculiar places around the country and even reports of mini twisters!

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