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Top 5 Problems caused by damaged engine mounting

| Auto TIps & Tricks | June 2, 2015

malaysia engine mounting

This does not happen regularly, probably once every 5 years or so depending on the way you drive but if your engine mounting is damaged, it could result in bigger problems.

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AES a ‘huge success’ – 262 new locations to be added – Govt

| Auto News | June 2, 2015

malaysia aes

According to the Transport Ministry, the AES (Automated Enforcement System) has been a huge success and more than 200 additional spots will be added.

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Top Tips on using your Automatic Gear correctly before damaging it permanently

| Auto TIps & Tricks | June 1, 2015

malaysia automatic transmission

Did you know that although automatic transmission is meant to be convenient, there is actually a CORRECT way to use it?

If you haven’t already know, then read on!  Most drivers prefer automatic cars mainly because it is easier to drive as compared to manual gears and for its convenience. However, most of us take it for granted to shift the gear to ‘D’ and immediately drive on.

But do you know that the automatic transmission’s gearbox is among the most expensive part of any car? If you do not shift the gear correctly, you could damage the gearbox and that will cost you tens of thousands in replacing it. Here are some tips.

At Traffic Lights – The correct way is to first step on the brakes. Then shift your gear to ‘N’. Do not press the button on the shifter, just push it up from ‘D’ to ‘N’. Engage your hand brakes and then move your foot away from the brake pedal.

When you are ready to move, step on the brakes, engage ‘D’ without pressing the button. Release the hand brakes, release the brake pedal and accelerate slowly.

Button on shifter – You should only use the button when you are shifting from ‘P’ to ‘R’ and vice-versa, from ‘R’ to ‘N’ and vice-versa and from ‘D’ to ‘L’ or ‘2’ and vice-versa. In other circumstances, DO NOT press the button. This includes moving from ‘N’ to ‘D’ and vice versa.

P – You should engage this gear only when you are totally idle. As the name implies, you use it when you are parked for a long period of time. When gear is engaged, your car won’t move even when the hand brakes are not engaged.

D – The Drive gear for moving the car forward. It will shift its gears either ascendingly or descendingly.

R – Reverse – for moving your car backwards.

N – Neutral gear. Basically, you use this when you do not want your car to be in motion. ‘N’ should not be used for parking but should be used during traffic jams.

L, 2, 3 – ‘L’ is to put your car in first gear, 2 in second and 3 in third.

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Lamborghini – From insults and rags to riches

| Automotive Brands | June 1, 2015

malaysia lamborghini

The name Lamborghini resonates well among both car and non-car enthusiasts. It is a supercar brand that brings about prestige and luxury across the world but did you know that this Italian carmaker has one of the most interesting histories?

The brand was the brainchild of Ferruccio Lamborghini who started out in the tractor business known as Lamborghini Trattori. This vehicle was made using excess parts used to make weapons and equipment during the Second World War. After the war, Lamborghini who was a known mechanic with the Italian Air Force started his tractor business and before long, his business flourished and even started making home heaters and air-conditioning systems.

With that, Ferruccio became a rich man and he indulged in expensive hobbies where he bought a Ferrari 250 GT, a purchase he would then regret especially with the clutch system. That prompted him to come up with his ideas which he would then meet Enzo Ferrari to propose them.

This obviously did not go well with Enzo as he cynically remarked that the problem lies not with the car but with the driver, a direct insult against Ferruccio. Enzo then went another step further when he told Ferruccio to mind his own ‘tractor business’. This only drove him to be more inclined on breaking Ferrari’s persona.

Ferruccio wasted no time and started to think of producing a high performance car and employed Giampaolo Dallara who was once in the Ferrari V2 design team. Ferruccio added the team with Giotto Bizzarini, Franco Scaglione and Gian Paolo Dallara who used to work for Ferrari.

The job was simple, make a powerful GT that can hit 241km/h and the first Lamborghini 350GT was born which was introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1964 and never looked back ever since.

The rest, like they say is history.

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Top 16 things you MUST know before owning a car

| Auto TIps & Tricks | March 5, 2015

malaysia lubricant

Buying a car is easy, maintaining it is the real challenge. You would have heard this so many times, it seems like a law. Whether you are planning to buy the latest Proton Saga or the Peugeot 206, there are certain things you must know before owning a car. We list out the top 16 must-knows.

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What Are Your Tyres Telling You?

| Auto TIps & Tricks | January 29, 2015

malaysia tyres

Do you notice a lot of words on your tyres? Do you know that they actually mean something, each and everyone of them?

There is a school of thought which says that your tyres (or wheels) are the most crucial part that can determine your safety when driving because it is the only contact point between you and the ground.

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Top Ways You can Get into Trouble Driving in Malaysia

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 31, 2014

malaysia trouble driving

Did you know that driving with your cabin light on at night is an offence?

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How to get rid of the stench coming out from your AC

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 24, 2014

malaysia stench car

Do you often find yourself having the problem of not knowing where this certain foul smell comes from when you switch on your car’s air-conditioning?

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Top Safety tips for Women drivers

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 17, 2014

malaysia safety driving for women

Women drivers! Be mindful and diligent always, it could save your life


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RON95 or RON97? Is there a difference?

| Auto TIps & Tricks | December 4, 2014

malaysia ron petrol

Very soon, price of RON95 and RON97 might be similar. Besides that, what are the differences?

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