This was part of the efforts following the recent review of the NAP (National Automotive Policy) last October where there is a growing interest for the manufacturing of hybrid and electric cars from countries like South Korea, India, China and Japan. She added that the evaluation process will take a few months because there are some areas in matters concerning policies are under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s purview.

Under the revised NAP, foreign car makers are given 100% equity in their manufacturing licence if they come into the country to assembly luxury vehicles which are more than 1,800 cc and costs more than RM150,000. Jalilah said that currently the applications are for assembling cars above and below 1,800cc where for cars above that capacity is not a problem while for those in the latter would be a policy matter.

She also said that apart from that, MIDA is also seeking for more investments in the over 1,800cc category and particularly in the hybrid and electric cars segment. They are also looking for more parties to be involved with producing parts and components for hybrid cars as well as in manufacturing lithium batteries.