As part of the efforts to deter traffic offenders from speeding and violating traffic laws, the Road Safety Department announced that they will be rolling out the AES (Automated Enforcement System) in stages starting January next year.

According Datuk Suret Singh, the director-general of the department, the system once implemented would be able to reduce accident rates, road fatalities while improving road safety throughout the country. he said that the proposed system would adopt unmanned cameras in locations to deter traffic offenders from violating traffic laws.

On top of that it is also part of the effort in the department’s long term plan in promoting a road safety culture among road users in Malaysia. the AES is also aimed in achieving the Zero Fatality Vision and will go live once the Road Transport Act 1987 is passed by Parliament in December. Once that is done, the AES will start rolling out in phases and the they will start deploying the system throughout the country. In January, the first phase will involve catching drivers who drive above the speed limits and those who violated red lights.