About Us

Auto.my, the leading cars and automotive portal from Malaysia expanded its range of services with some new and exciting features. Auto.my has been offering up-to-date news and the latest information on the Malaysian and regional automotive industry for more than 15 years. This will be a new direction moving forward for Auto.my with more value-added services for members and visitors to the site.

There will be a comprehensive forum for members to discuss about the latest issues in this market. Members of Auto.my can now join in the many discussion threads and platforms where they can discuss about issues like increase in petrol price, toll and summons and even post questions for advice about car maintenance or repairs if needed. The forum is designed solely for the purpose of providing members the avenue to connect within a community of vehicle owners and enthusiasts.

The launch will see a new marketplace for classified ads. This service is provided free of charge which only require a hassle-free registration process. After registration is confirmed, members can start posting ads on vehicles for sale or for rent straightaway. Members can now post any vehicles that they are looking for to try and find potential sellers as well. Apart from that, this new classifieds section offers a segment for buying and selling new or reconditioned cars.

The news segment in Auto.my will be redesigned to offer a more contemporary and updated outlook. There will be a dedicated section for Malaysian car news. This is where there will be information about the latest and upcoming launches of models that are catered for the Malaysian market. This will cover information about the current and latest policies which are applicable for Malaysian drivers and vehicle owners.

Information about regulations like road tax, automotive insurance and other related issues will be provided in this segment. Registered members can now post questions for any advice or information that they need pertaining to Malaysian road and traffic regulations.

On the other hand, there will be a dedicated segment on international car news. This will be the segment where members can find out about the latest developments and technologies by the international automotive manufacturers. Upcoming models, prototypes, versions and trim levels of specific models and brands will be posted in this section.

Apart from that, the international car news segment will cover the auto shows that are held around the world each year. There will be reviews and news from the auto shows where the latest and most revolutionary models are often showcased. Pictures and reviews will be posted as well.

Where possible, insider news or scoops from the automotive industry will be given provided as well to keep members informed on what to expect in the coming months. The insider news can help members in decision-making especially if they are planning a purchase of a specific model in the near future.

There will be a segment that will review the latest car models that are available in the market. Features of the specific models will be evaluated and compared with to offer more advice for the member.

There will be a section on car and maintenance tips as well. This will be a comprehensive and well-organized set if resources where members can browse or search through to find articles that can assist them in their problems. Issues like car maintenance, tips on saving petrol and others are explained and provided in easy-to-understand articles. This informative section is intended to provide the member a one-stop venue to find out all they need to know about keeping their vehicles at their optimal condition and performance at all times.