2009 Dodge Viper SRT-10 is one no-nonsense machine

One of the things which you will find missing in the SRT-10 is sophistication. To a large extent, it has over the past years been criticized for being too simple. It does not need to be because the Dodge Viper is known to be a no-nonsense speedster, period.

Since it was introduced into the roads, Vipers have ruled them. there really isn’t much to shout about with cars like this, seriously. Especially with the fact that all they want the driver to have is to get the unforgettable driving experience, not the luxurious and comfortable ride as with other roadsters. If you like, all the changes and additions made to the Viper ever since its introduction are all on making the car more efficient, handles better and very importantly make it run faster. Since then, the people at Dodge had added horses, liters and such.

As mentioned, there really aren’t anything to shout about, and if you are not surprised enough, there are no computer chips which help you with your gear ratio or helps you with your driving. It is all up to you and the raw tarmac. How you drive matters, so it is totally up to you. This car comes with bucket seats, a tilted steering wheel, a high-end sound system and of course the 6 speed manual gear shift knob. No traction control, no side airbags. You would like the rear wing made of carbon-fiber though while the front splitter too is something which looks pretty cool. KW shocks have been inserted into the SRT which can be adjusted for whatever reason you need.