2009 Ford Edge Sport is one huge machine, and they mean business

This nice looking car is what Ford is looking forward to help them bring in the sales what with its revolutionary look which you will surely appreciate. Crossovers like these are great welcomes especially with the very much saturated market segments and particularly when every single car maker out there seemed to be overcrowding with. It seemed that of late, even hybrids seemed to be infested with choices and can get pretty tiring.

The most significant thing about this car perhaps would be its wheels which at 22 inches seriously provides for some really stability which coupled with its wide body make, turns and curves on the roads seemed as effortless as maneuvering the steering wheel. This car also comes with Ford’s independent suspension system which includes some fine performance tuned shocks, springs as well as an integrated steering components to give you the best control possible. You will also notice the silence from inside the car as there are vibration and noise cancelation components install as well.

There are in total 4 variants here namely Brilliant Silver, Black, Redfire and its very limited edition sport Blue while the 8 piece body kit includes some sporty looking side skirts, rear skirts, front air dam and lower door caps. You will also like the in-cabin ambient lighting package which do look very nice when illuminated. Apart from that, take a look around and you will see the panoramic Vista Roof which typically is a moon roof.

Under the hood, you will get a 3.5liter V6 engine which gets you up to 265 horses in its lightweight die-cast aluminum block 4 valves per cylinder heads. Fitted in this engine is a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox which is pretty responsive. On top of that, Ford had also included the all-wheel drive system which if you want comes with AdvanceTrac traction control. Essentially, this car sits 5 adults pretty comfortably and the front seats are adjustable and heated while enjoying other accessories like keyless entry, dual power side mirrors and an Audiophile powered sound system.

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