2009 Peugeot 4007 DCS Automatic is the new all-terrain vehicle offering

The 4007 is fitted with the 2.2 liter HDi FAP engine mated with the 6 speed DCS automatic gearbox that boosts out some 156 horsepowers. This gearbox allow you to drive either in the fully automatic mode which comes in 2 settings, either the ‘Drive’ or the ‘Sport’ or in semi-automatic mode or better known as Sequential which is controllable using the paddle shifters.

The car comes in 2 trims, which is the SE and the GT models respectively. Both models come with 7 seats and are easily identified through its twin tailpipes. As with most Peugeot cars these days, you will like the inside of the car, which gives you some very nice trim that coers the instrumental panel visor as well as along the front doors while this trim is also fitted to match the upholstery and dashboard including the air-conditioning controls. It also comes with a multi-function display for easier and ergonomic controls.

Peugeot revealed this model at the recently concluded Frankfurt Motor Show where they announced its pricing for the Europe market as well as that there will be either the 5 or 7 seater versions available. The design itself is revolutionary enough and with the additional features included by Peugeot into the new 4007, it would not be surprising to see this model surpassing most in its segment. With more emphasis being put into the new model particularly in the driving and performance, one can be sure that the 4007 is set to take the roads by storm.