2009 Volkswagen CC Sport gets back to what it is known best

Inside the car, you will like the design of what they have offered in the CC. This car comes with a six-speed manual transmission to be fitted into its 2.0 liter VVT direct injected turbo-charged engine. This means that you will be revving up some 200 horses and 207 lb-ft of torque which is pretty impressive and kind of normal for VW. One of the common criticism here perhaps would be the fact that VW, with their own proprietary DSG has not included any form of dual-clutch or paddle shifters into this car but just a straight out manual transmission gear, which although peculiar but sort of nice.

If you like, you can go for the more powerful and top of the range models like the 3.6 liter FSI VR6 model that gives you up to 280 horsepowers or the 4Motion VR6 which is an all-wheel drive version but to a large extent, the 2.0 liter one seemed to be sufficient if it is power you are after. One of the really cool stuff in the CC would perhaps be its ‘hill-holder’ feature which is activated when the nose points either up or down by some degree. This is where the parking brake is engaged at any sort of incline which does not go down too well with some, but is a good safety feature though.

It is not easy to quantify who will compete with the CC in this segment as it seemed to be quite a peculiar area for VW but some has named Toyota’s Camry, Honda’s Accord, Mazda’s 6 and the Malibu from Chevrolet but so far, not many has come up with an impressive ‘4-door coupe’ quite like this. and if it is anything to go by, the Japanese brands might not go down too well among the competition especially in Europe and the States. Hence this could be quite well a niche for VW and one which they could easily take the lead.