2010 Audi R8 V10 is fiery, feisty and forceful

Despite some who thinks that Audi makes passenger cars which looks and performs good, the R8 defies all impressions by coming off as a single-minded fast car which has been designed and developed to do just that. In fact, if it does not do better than the Lamborghini or the Benz, it surely does extremely well among others along the same bracket. This is something which Audi did with a bit of criticism although it turned out considerably well.

To begin with, its avant-garde style gives the owner what you will be looking for, and its all-aluminum body means that this car is lighter than some of its other brothers but it does not compromise in any way in terms of handling and performance. The originlal R8 comes standard with a 420 horsepower, 4.2 liter V8 engine which means that it commands among itself a supercar category model but since it was first unveiled, Audi has claimed to be developing a faster one and that’s where the V10 engine comes into play.

This means that the R8 5.2 FSI Quattro engine now comes with a 525 horsepower and is supposedly not as growly noisy as the Lamborghini’s Gallardo. Because of this high-powered nature of the car, it seemed that you will barely hit fourth or fifth gear because by then you would have get to about 200km/h already, which speaks volumes about how fast this car is. Therefore, braking becomes the main criteria here which it has done so well.

There are a few variants in the FSI which the 5.2 liter version comes with the manual or the RTronic transmission while the lower range V8 4.2 liter version comes too has either one of the options mentioned. At 3.7 seconds from zero to hundred, you know for a fact that this supercar is not a toy for the boys but that which makes them real men.