2010 MazdaSpeed3 comes with all the ingredients of a sports car

This car was originally planned to be and all-wheel drive, 300 horses monster but taking that stance would mean a more costly machine which might put their consumers off as well as a bit too many mechanics which might also be a problem. Hence, a touch of simplicity persists in this car. One thing for sure, the MazdaSpeed3 really do not try to be everything you can dream of, it is just a sporty car with the ingredients of what makes one, that’s all there is to it.

You will surely appreciate the sheer looks of this car especially with its aggressive persona which pretty much tells you how much they mean business. As a matter of fact, the larger wing, the 18 inch wheels are all there to suit the personality of this car as well as the driver. It gives you the impression that the driver knows fair well what they want and they have it.

Although not a 300 horses ride, this car still pours out some very impressive numbers. The 2.3 liter puts out enough power and gives you 263 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque at 3,000rpm. Some report suggests that it is actually a bit more powerful than that and this is not surprising if you look at this car holistically, which means that given all the elements put together, it actually could perform better on the road than on paper. One of the lead engineers in the project, Dave Coleman mentioned that designing this car had one of the primary objectives which were the handling of car. He said “The old [Mazdaspeed3] was more of a muscle than a sports car. We wanted to bring the handling up to the level of the engine.”

As compared to its older version, the tyres now are bigger and wider, you get the electro-hydraulic steering system, some cool looking interior with red stitching wraps on the steering wheel to match the seats and aluminum pedals. Options here include a Tech Package which comes with a BOSE powered centerpoint surround sound system matched with a 6 disc MP3 player, push button start system as well as the MID (Multi Information Display).