2011 Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost – Oh such beauty!!

Find the phrase ‘Hand-crafted individualized by Mansory’ on the car, then you will know what we are talking about. Where the industry is filled with people who are obsessed with personalizing their machines to suit their style, Mansory has ‘individualized’ the drivers to suit the style of their take on the Ghost. Not everyone has the chance to try out the Rolls-Royce but that won’t stop us from dreaming right?

Gold and blue pretty much embodies this car and with modified grill, a new front design and such. You will also like the stainless steel sheets around the car with a nice new looking rear spoiler and rear skirt which terminates at the rear with its twin exhaust pipes. Of course, refining the car does not only mean making it look good but Mansory has done some changes to the engine as well.

The stock originally came with a 570horsepower drag in its 6.6 liter V12 Twin turbocharge engine but they have not increased this significantly by pushing it up to 720 horses which means it gets you from zero to hundred in merely 4.4 seconds which is about 4 second faster than the stock. This car top speeds at 310km/h. Therefore, if you are thinking that Mansory is all about looks, then you are gravely wrong because they surely know what they are doing when they take one of the most premium car brands and beef it up.

In terms of looks, you will like its 22 inch wheels with the proud ‘Mansory’ embossed on the side and the center of the radius. Inside the car is where you will simply ‘love’ the gold-blue combination all around. If you think that Rolls-Royce had already mastered the art of ‘luxury’ in cars, then Mansory surely have made it better. in fact they have made Rolls-Royce looked a bit ‘novice’ here. Whether they are hand-crafted or not, they just seemed to look perfect at every corner of the car.