2011 Nissan Micra proves that size does not matter

The Micra is no stranger to various markets especially in Japan where it is named March and of course in Europe as well where it is known to be one of the most stylish, contemporary, reliable and easy to drive compact cars around its segment. According to Nissan, the new Micra will be sold in 160 countries worldwide. Designed based on the new V platform from Nissan, the redesigned version was tested and designed in its native country, Japan and will then proceed to be built in 4 other locations in other countries. Manufacturing will take place in its locations in Thailand, India, Mexico and China. So keep your fingers crossed that it might just be introduced into Malaysia pretty soon.

According to Nissan, for the European market, you will get 2 different engines of either the HR12 1.2 liter, 3 cylinder engine that comes with VTC (Valve-Timing Control) which was made famous by the Nissan Note and Nissan Qashqai. It gets you up to 80ps with an 108Nm of torque. otherwise, there is the 1.2 liter direct injection engine which is considered to be its top range version that comes with a standard start-stop system which gets you up to 98ps and torque at 142Nm. The engines are mated with either the 5 speed manual transmission gearbox or Nissan’s own revolutionary CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) system.

The car comes with reverse sensors as well as a cool PSM (Parking Space Measurement) device attached that allow you to select between Amateur, Normal or Expert parking skills mode. This helps those who find it hard particularly when having to park your car in tight spaces. Apart from that, the you also get the Intelligent Key system, Nissan’s own touch screen audio and satellite navigation system as well as automatic wipers and a glass roof. A push button start-stop system too has been incorporated as well. As mentioned, sales in Thailand will start in March and keep your fingers crossed, it will come here pretty soon.