2011 Volvo S60 T6 AWD raises the bar higher yet

The new S60 comes in 3 trims namely Dynamic, Touring and the Four-C, all of which comes with the wide influence of the Y70 platform you can find in the S80 and the XC60. The Dynamic model comes with 19 inch wheels and harder suspensions while the Touring gives you softer sub frame bushings on the front and rears and is typically one which is enhanced from the Dyamic version. The top of the range though is the Four-C version which stands for Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept. It comes with adaptive dampers as well as 3 modes that you can you select, Comfort, Sport and Advanced.

In terms of engine, you get various options. One of them is the 3.0 liter inline-6 engine is derived from the XC60 where you get up to 300 horses and 325 lb-ft of torque which is channeled through its 6 speed automatic transmission with manual shift controls gearbox. Plans are in place for a 2.5 liter inline-5 version soon.

As with most Volvos, revolutionary systems would be the order of the day where it comes with the Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake system where cameras are mounted in front to detect humans crossing upfront and will put the car to a complete stop if the driver hasn’t already slam on the brakes. This is included in the Technology package which also comes with a Collision Warning system, Adaptive Cruise Control with Queue Assist, Distance Alert, Driver Alert Control, and Lane Departure Warning.

Outside the car, the ‘four-door coupe’ label is very much evident where as with most cars from this brand is simple yet gives you that sophisticated character. You get the current waterfall center console inside which is quite the way the brand is going these days. Leather wrappings are generously provided while the design is pretty much the same, although you will welcome some subtle changes here and there. The car will start selling this September in the United States.