2012 Mercedes Benz CLS-Class – Official images before the real deal this October

This would otherwise be a more macho looking model as compared to its previous model where judging by its looks, it gives you the impression of a ‘broader shoulder’ that adds on to its aggressiveness. According to Mercedes Benz, the new CLS is set to bring ‘refined performance’ to life where apart from its nice revolutionary design, it also comes with a new engine as well.

The CLS class was first launched in 2003 where it was intended to combine the elegance and sportiness of a Coupe vehicle with the practicality of a sedan. This new coupe would come with its trademark of a long hood, and a roof that extends towards the back which is what they looked like back then and will still be how it look like this time around. Typically, the new CLS keeps and maintains the DNA but still has a whole new persona altogether.

As mentioned, the front is the most noticeable character of the new CLS which reflects the previous SLS AMG while its elegantly long proportioned outline remains significantly visible here. Inside the car, its cockpit gives you an ergonomically designed driving experience with its ‘wrap-around’ dashboard that extends from one end to another which includes embodying the central display. Of course, the analogue clock just adds the designer touch to it. And then there are the stitched seat covers and the dashboard which are hand sewn onto the padding which are of superior quality where the leather was heated to preshrink so that its shape would not change under extreme weather conditions.