325i Convertible a new addition to the BMW 3 series

This topless beauty can easily fit 4 passengers although 5 might be a bit pushing it. As a matter of fact, this is quite an ideal car for anyone who is looking for a 4 door convertible car which is both pleasing to drive and stylish in design. Even if this is so, you might find the performance of this car a wee bit off its mark perhaps due to the fact that it is meant for comfort and not speed. Like any other convertible cars, the back passengers might find getting in and out of the car just a little bit harder than the usual 4 door cars. Well, if you look at the fact that convertibles usually sit 2 people nicely, then you will know what this car is meant to do.

The 2.5 liter engine gives you enough power in acceleration, boosting out a whooping 218 horsepowers, which means that it is strong enough to get you form one point to another almost effortlessly. Step on the accelerator and you are on to it. The car is also fitted with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox on top of its 17 inch tyres which differs from the front and its rear (the front pair are 225/45 and rear are on 255/40 profile), which will definitely improve the handling of this car.

As mentioned, this car handles pretty well although not at its peak as compared to other models, but without a spare tyre fitted, you might be running quite a risk if you are to push this car to its limits. But then again, it is a convertible and the sheer style of this car is good enough to make heads turn wherever you go.