A4 2.0TDI e, ‘e’ for efficiency, and no one comes close

The 2.0L TDI engine gives you up to 136horsepowers and a top speed of 215km/h and one of the most important feature of the start-stop system is its invisibility. That means, you can barely feel that the engine is actually switched off because it is quiet, quick and smooth. Ultimately, the efficiency is the main thing on this car. An on-board computer is fitted as standard equipment in the car and one of the really cool feature here is the efficiency-data display which tells you when and where to change gears so that your driving is as economical as possible. So instead of learning your driving behavior, the A4 2.0 TDI e teaches you to save fuel, now isn’t that cool?

The ‘e’ here is where you will find efficiency at its highest. The 6 speed transmission gives you the final-drive ratio which enables the reduction of its engine speed in every gear. Its low-resistance 205/60 R16 tyres are used to help with fuel saving as well as to improve rolling existence. To say the least, they are exclusively catered for the ‘e’ model of the A4. Recovery of braking energy is standard equipment using the intelligent alternator regulation which helps to reduce the workrate of the alternator and then subsequently requiring less fuel when the vehicle accelerates, thereby using the energy stored in the electrical system’s battery.

According to Michael Dick, a member of the Board of Management in Audi AG, “Efficiency is standard in every Audi. The A4 2.0 TDI e is particularly persuasive proof that efficiency, outstanding performance, comfort and driving enjoyment are not mutually exclusive,” hence you can be sure that the car is one that will give you the comfort and the economical feature you are looking for. There are currently 3 other ‘e’ Audi cars being the A8 2.8 FSI e, the A3 1.4 TFSI and the A6 2.0TDI e. Should this car make it to Malaysia, expect it to be priced at least RM200,000.