ABT gives A1 buyers choices that suit their themes

The most prominent element which ABT has put in are in its exteriors where they have given you the choice of additional ‘themes’ but their tuning do not end there as they have also provided you with a choice of engines which comes with better performance and more power. Names like Klecks, Aloha and High-Voltage are the colour schemes which they have designed. The Klecks is bright and eye-catchingly red while the Aloha is typically lavender while the High-Voltage version is typically the green-grass version. So you can pretty much choose whichever suits your persona.

According to the General Manager of ABT Worldwide, Hans-Jurgen Abt, they are the main focus is on providing agility and driving enjoyment when they were designing the ABT A1. It comes a new range of engine where the stock version of the A1, which is powered by a 1.2 TFSI engine that gets you 86 horses have been beefed up to 115 horses. The 1.4 TFSI version on the other hand gives you 150 horsepower, some 25 horses more than the stock version. The 1.6TDI diesel engine too have been given a boost where it now gets you up to 125 horses.

Of course, then there is the design where this car now looks more sporty than ever. ABT had also put in their performance suspensions which lowers the car while they have also put in new nice looking side skirts, rear skirts, front lip, rear wing insets and a nice looking rear spoiler. As mentioned you can choose, depending on the theme on whether these new parts are made in brushed aluminum, grass green or lavender. Underneath all that you get an ABT designed double pipe muffler with either 17 or 18 inch alloys to complement the looks and performance.