Advice on detours and alternative routes in highways

ii. from Kampung Chinta Manis enter Federal Road 1498 to Felda Mempaga Jaya;

iii. from Felda Mempaga Jaya enter T-junction to Felda Krau;

iv. from Felda Krau head towards Kampung Sungai Ruan through state road C149; and

vi. From state road C149, enter Federal Road 8 towards Kota Baharu through Kuala Lipis.

While from Kuala Krai to Kota Bahru, you can use the following alternative roads:

i. from Federal Road 8, enter state road D225 at Kampung Sungai Peria, Kuala Krai (Section 311) to Tiga Pahi junction; and

ii. from Tiga Pahi junction head towards Guchil take state road D225 and enter Federal Road 8 to Kota Baharu.

Lekas Sdn Bhd also announced that to help ease the traffic congestion, a detour will be opened along the south bound highway of the Kajang-Seremban Highway from 12.00am on Thursday until 22 February. They released a statement which reads "Lekas will not collect toll charges between the Mantin-Setul-Ampangan/Jelebu interchanges during the period. From the Mantin interchange, an entrance and exit diversion would opened for road users from the Sentul interchange to Seremban and from Ampangan/Jelebu interchange to Senawang or Kuala Pilah through Jalan and Persiaran Tok Dagang. The diversion will be enforced from 12.01am on Thursday to midnight on Feb 22. Lekas also would not impose toll charges on buses plying the highway from noon yesterday to midnight on Feb 21. Other vehicles will get a 10 per cent discount from 12.01am on Friday to midnight on Feb 21.”