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Location of all AES cameras in Malaysia

According to the Transport Ministry, the AES (Automated Enforcement System) has been a huge success and more than 200 additional spots will be added.

The Transport Ministry said that the AES, which was not favoured by many quarters has been very successful in reducing accidents in the country. It has increased the levels of compliance among motorists too. A study by MIROS (Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research) showed that the pilot run of the AES involving 14 cameras have recorded only 12 cases of fatalities related to traffic accidents.

This is 7 cases less than the same locations before the AES was implemented. It is translated to 36.84% reduction of accident fatalities in the 8 months they were operational.

Hence, the next phase of the AES deployment will involve an additional 262 locations with a focus on traffic light intersections. 38 sites have been identified in Selangor while 32 in Johor and Kedah and Perak will get 26 and 22 respectively. The highlight here is to reduce the rate of RLR (Red Light Running) violations as it has been found that the

The original plan was to place AES at 831 locations after the first 14 but this has now been changed. The AES was not very well received by politicians from both BN and Pakatan Rakyat which saw the project postponed and delayed and has been one of the tightly debated issue for quite a while now. Among them includes placing one along the highway leading toward Hospital Serdang which means that it might not be conducive for vehicles heading to the hospital during emergencies. Another issue that was raised include the awarding of the contract to the companies in handling and implementing of the AES. The report that reducing 7 fatalities as a measure of success has come under fire as well.