Airhead Kustoms Ford F-350 Super Duty – a.k.a the Pit Bull

Well, it is powerful yet strong and it comes with the Snow Performance water/methanol injection system which was developed to give it the extra push. On top of that, it also comes with the AFE Power cold air intake as well as diesel nitrous system known as the Nitrous Express. DJM Suspension system is fitted to enhance the handling of the truck where you get lowering beams in front as well as beefy shock absorbers and a flip kit at the back. They also gave us anti-roll bars supplied by Hellwig and Ride-Rite air helper springs by Firestone. All that considered, the size of the truck is no barrier to having an enjoyable ride as it handles well and performs exemplarily.

The outsides and the performance accounts for nothing if the interiors do not match its reputation. Typically, American like their rides to be cool and with such an impression to kick start with, you must learn to like the Pit Boss or at least feel proud to be riding on one. Its interior has been given a makeover where Airhead has customized the headliner while giving you new leather upholstery around the cabin.

In terms of entertainment, you get a sound system powered up by auto audio experts Rockford Fosgate. This is controllable through the in-dash Dashboard Devices which is the computer system handling the navigation of the car, providing you with the information and entertainment data which you will need to know throughout the driving experience. One of the conundrums here perhaps would be from the fact that you might get a bit too comfortable inside the car and might not want to leave but the Pit Boss was originally intended to be developed for the race track. So in many ways, you could the racing type and go full throttle on the track, or otherwise for show-and-tell, it seems to be pretty justified.