Airpod – The car that runs on air

The word ‘Air’ has been used in almost every type of products these days and with all the gadgets and devices giving ‘Air’ a whole new perspective, it is no surprise that even cars get a share of the fun too. And that is what the Airpod is all about.

This is supposed to be one of the most modern cars ever produced and perhaps the most exciting technological breakthrough to come out in recent years. It is actually a car that runs on air. Now haven’t we caught your attention yet?

Anything that runs on air will surely be exciting and this is just what the Airpod is all about. According to the engineer Cyril Negre, the car uses compressed air as fuel to energize the engine that power up the 3-wheeler.

To drive the car, you do not use the conventional steering wheel. Instead, it comes with a joystick which is reflective of future driving. It is not unusual for joysticks to be used as it has been seen in concept cars for the past decade or so. What makes the Airpod so special is its fuel, not the driving.

The price is said to be around US10,000 which means it is cheaper than most cars on the road today. Although there has been several models made to use compressed air, none has been really successful yet. Now if that is how it is going to be, this could well be the alternative fuel we all have been looking for.