Alfa Romeo 159 is an affordable fine Italian driving experience

That is if you are thinking of buying a BMW 3 series base line model or the C-Class then you might want to consider this. Well, to be honest one might think that the BMWs and Benzs are a class on their own and Alfas might not come this close, but at this price and what you get out of it, you might be just wrong to think so.

This is one of the Italian carmakers modern offerings although it has been around for almost 3 years now. But whatever the situation is, Alfa Romeo seldom redesign their cars or change their looks in a short time frame. This means that what you own now will still look good after a few years, which to a large extent is the type of personality that supercars Porsche do. Comparatively if you take the BMW 3 series for instance and you will find that they change so much that it is pretty hard to keep up.

The 159 is designed by Alfa Romeo’s pretty much resident designer house, Giugiaro who over the years is responsible for most of the Alfa Romeo’s stable including the 156, the Alfasud and the GTV Alfetta as well. This car gets you up to 185horses at 6,500rpm and a maximum torque of 230Nm at 4,500rpm. This is powered through its 2.2 cc 4 cylinder JTS engine which stands for Jet Thrust Stoichiometric system. Of course, the engine is also fitted with Alfa Romeo’s proprietary Selespeed 6 speed gearbox which is an automatic/manual shifter gear system. This is possible through the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, cool huh?

Well, ultimately, this car is what they call a car with character and if you are to really consider a continental car for now, and you might not like the ‘too many of them’ BMWs and Benzs then the Alfa 159 might just fit what you are looking for. After all, this is pretty much quite the affordable fine Italian car.