Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina celebrates partnership with new Spider Concept

Hence, typically this would be a 2 seater model and essentially will be the top-down Brera Coupe model. No news on whether a new engine will be installed but if nothing is changed, then the 1.8 I-4 turbocharged engine will be involved while the higher 2.2 liter I-4 and the 3.2 liter V6 ones might be used to entice those who like it fast. Of course, if you haven’t already know, Pininfarina is the Italian design house who have worked with Alfa Romeo for a long time. They are also responsible for some other ‘bigger’ car designs as well as the more commercial ones like the Hyundai Matrix.

According to their official press statement, “The Pininfarina new concept (sic) is meant to be part of the tradition of successful spiders born from the relationship with Alfa Romeo, among the most significant and long-lasting ones in the automobile history, and interprets the innovative vision of an antique theme strongly present in the Pininfarina roots, the two-seater spider,”

Called the 2uettottanta, this would effectively reflect what Pininfarina would develop in producing the looks of the new Spider generation and it seriously look superbly good especially with its double winged top towards the rear end. This protrudes up which makes it look like an F1 car with 2 tops. Whether or not the engine delivers is another matter as Spiders are known to be road rulers but design wise, this vehicle surely looks way better than any of its predecessors.

The fact is that Alfa Romeo is also celebrating its centenary (100th anniversary) this year, hence they would surely be planning something special and with the looks of it, the 2uettottanta Concept could just be it. After all, the Spider had always been highly regarded by critics and fans alike, so that would be the best place to start. What more with the fact that a partnership of this kind that goes back many years between the top Italy car maker and Italy’s premium design house.