Alguersuari too young to race in F1 – Massa and Button

Ferrari driver Felipe Massa thinks that Alguersuari is too young and inexperienced to be racing in the top racing sport in the world. He said “For me he’s too young. When I came into Formula 1 I was just 20 and for me it was also quite young. I was too inexperienced to ask what I needed from the car so I made some mistakes. For sure I had a very difficult car to drive, but anyway, it was not easy for me. But even for myself, and I can say it was too early for me, I did the whole winter (of testing), so I did many tests in Formula 1.”

The Brazilian added that “He’s never driven a Formula 1 car, or he has driven it in a straight line or whatever. For me it’s wrong. It’s not good for him. For me he can burn himself very quickly. Maybe he’s an incredible talent and he will do much better than everybody thinks, but for me it’s not good for him. I’m surprised a team would put a guy like this in the car. For me it’s not right.”

Currently top of the standings, Jenson Button too voiced a same stand and has come out to warn the Spaniard that it might ruin his career altogether. Button, who himself started racing at the age of 20 believe that it will be hard for Alguersuari who has so far only done 2 straight-line aero tests.

Button said “If someone gives you the opportunity to race in F1 you are going to take it but, at his age, it could absolutely destroy his career. It’s on a knife-edge. If it goes well it is fantastic. But there is so much to learn. You have to say good luck to him. It’s a risk he is willing to take and for his sake I hope he does a good job. I started in F1 when I was 20 and didn’t have the proper mileage to have a super licence. But I had done quite a bit of testing and they thought that was enough so they let me race.”