American University of Dubai’s carpark – the permanent showcase of luxury and super cars

You would have heard about colleges and universities studied by the rich and the famous. The American University of Dubai is just one of those. The carpark there seems to have a permanent car show each day and in being so, it is very much a luxury car showcase of sorts.

Make no mistake about this as the cars here are among the most expensive and luxurious in the world and take note, these are 18 to 24 year old students. After all, what is Dubai without the range of the most expensive things in the world?

If you are driving a Porsche Cayenne, then you are among those who drive the cheapest cars around here as there are the likes of the US$200 000 Bentley Continental GT parked on the bays here. Hence, if you think you have an excellent car in your Porsche, think twice.

Range  Rovers and the Cayennes here are as they say ‘a dime a dozen’ which means that they are pretty much the standard vehicles. In fact, even if you owned the Maserati, you will be parking among the others like a red-chromed Mercedes, the Aston Martins and of course, the Rolls-Royces, and we haven’t even talked about the sports cars yet.