Another step ahead of Kia as POP comes the new EV Concept

The Kia POP is typically an electric vehicle where it is designed for a 2+1 seating arrangement. It is a compact vehicle that is only 3 meters long. Apparently, the POP’s design was inspired by the recently shown Kia Ray which was developed through the European Design team of the company. According to the Chief Designer of the European chapter, Gregory Guillaume, the designers of their concept was given much freedom to make what they felt was best. If you might recall, the Kia Ray is actually a hybrid sedan model while the POP is an EV. So apart from design, those are 2 different cars altogether.

If you have seen the Toyota iQ (or Scion iQ in certain countries), the POP is slightly longer in strength and being a 3 seater, you get 3 doors which are opened quite unconventionally. On top of the car is a wide glass roof which pretty much covers the purple and chrome trim. Well, to a large extent, this vehicle gives you the impression that it is something smaller than your typical sedan but bigger than the typical motorcycle because from a different angle, it surely looks like one.

You will seat 2 adults in front quite comfortably with the third passenger tucked behind. At the moment, the power of the car has yet to be unveiled but judging by the pictures, you will like the looks of the POP with its LED lights in front. Preliminary specifications showed that charging of the car is through its rear socket.