Another win for Vettel as he takes home chequered flag in Monaco

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel drove further away to lead the championships when he took home his next chequered flag in the drama filed Monaca Grand Prix over the weekend.

The World Champion looks set to retain the title when he finished the 78 lap race while Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso came close behind and McLaren’s Jenson Button came in third.

The track known to be one of the hardest for overtaking maneuvers would have been business as usual which it was for Vettel but not so for the others. Button was second while Alonso was third coming into Lap 2 and it was a lot of overtaking and attack and defend throughout the race including a head to head between Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher. And then when Felipe Massa crashed, the Safety Car was summoned which was then re-summoned in Lap 73.

But it was upfront where Alonso was pushing Vettel all the way that was interesting where Vettel known for keeping his cool when racing did so excellently and then winning the race by a mere 1 second. Now he holds 143 while Hamilton is 85 points. Mark Webber is at 79 while Button is 3 points behind. Alonso on his highest finish has 69 and Red Bull looks good on both championships as the circus head out to Canada next.