As promised, Audi shows off their A3 Sedan Concept, and more!

The Geneva Motor Show 2011 takes centerstage as Audi rolled out their new Audi A3 sedan concept in distinct style. This has been talked about even before the show started and promisingly, Audi did not disappoint. This 4 seater notchback sedan model is the latest to come out from Audi’s recent development which is fitted with the latest technological features that include the enhanced MMI Operating System as well as a state-of-the-art entertainment system, which is always the case with Audi cars.

Under the hood is the 2.5 liter 5 cylinder turbo-charged engine with FSI gasoline direct injection system. This means that you will get a powertrain that boosts out 408 horses with a maximum torque of 500Nm from 1,600rpm to 5,300rpm. The engine is paired with a 7 speed S-Tronic transmission gearbox with 2 clutches that gives you a flawless gear change system. Taking only 4.1 seconds to reach the century mark, this car gets to a top speed of 250km/h and uses only 9.1 liter of petrol for every 100km. The CO2 emission here is also impressive with only 212 grams of CO2 emitted per km, thanks to the technologies fitted in like the intelligent Audi thermo-management system, the regulated oil pump as well as the energy recovery system.

The concept measures at 4.44 meters long and 1.84 meters wide, and only 1.39 meters high and is designed based on the new sporty elegance design language with a single-frame grille in front. Using CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced plastic) for the frame means that it is lightweight and strong, it also comes with LED headlights, a specifically designed technology from Audi. Generally, the design of the car is made with a sculpture inspired concept which gives it a distinctive artistic feel all around.

Inside the car, you get sports seats in front while there are a lot of legroom for the rear passengers. Now this is something very cool with the speakers extending just a tiny bit when the audio system is switched on. 4 large air vents are fitted on the centre console reflecting airplane turbines which is a nice touch. You also get internet access while for the rear passengers, they can plug in their iPads which is cool. The WLAN hotspot here is where passengers will be more than happy with as that means one can hit on Google maps for directions if needed as well as to stay online all the time.