Aston Martin’s One-77 Concept turning heads for sure

Top speed of the vehicle is at 200 mph which during the show, those who have seen the earlier version was simply blown away with the newer additions and design. The show in Italy’s Lake Como had many attractions but the One-77 concept car would have been one that tops it all.

As always, Aston Martin will never reveal anything below par and this is one crazy machine if you are one who is suave and chic. The craftsmanship of this model is simply spell-binding, its beauty exuded through its almost de-facto aluminium body. This is one machine which you will buy without thinking twice about price nor value. The sheer aesthetics of it gives you the confidence and epitome of the classic and modern fusion driver. To some it’s the mechanics, to others it might be the looks but to the enthusiasts, this is art.

Aston Martin took this opportunity to reveal not just a concept version of the car but a complete powertain version which integrated excellently between the interior and the exterior of the car. To say the least, most quarters in the automobile industry were widely expecting this version after coming to learn about it in the Geneva Auto Salon where Aston Martin demonstrated the technical illustration of this beauty.

According to Dr Ulrich Bez, the Chief Executive of the company, “The One-77 demonstrates the unique capabilities of our company – it encompasses engineering excellence with a great passion from our engineers, designers and technical partners. This is a major step in One-77’s engineering program, showing the first complete car, and will demonstrate new benchmarks in many different fields of automotive design. The craftsmanship and design that has gone into the creation of the Aston Martin One-77 lifts automotive engineering into the realm of art. With its finely sculpted forms and sleek lines, it is an expression of unparalleled beauty that embodies everything Aston Martin stands for.”