Audi A1 set to conquer compact car segment

Unveiled recently at the Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi showed their continuation of new models with its A1 Compact Car. Come October 2011, this model will get its own Cabriolet version. This will be a higher version of the TT while remains inferior to the A3 which might just be the lowest in terms of price among its range of cars. set to compete with the other manufacturers in this bracket like the Volkswagen Eos, the BMW 1 Series Convertible and the Mini convertible, the A1 was made based on the Shooting Brake Concept and essentially is the production model of the Metroproject Quattro Concept first seen at the Tokyo Auto Show last year.

Built on an entirely new platform, the A1 comes with the new DSG transmission system which will have the same engine with the hatchback variant made up of the TDI and FSI respectively. The TSI and TFSI variants are more expensive and hence might not be available in this model if Audi is to keep on the low-cost image but a hybrid variant might be available though. The rear of the A1 looks very much like the Shooting Brake Concept from the 2005 concept while the front will show its single-frame grille with large tyres and small side windows. So far, the hatchback is pretty much the story while the cabriolet, as mentioned is in the plans as well as a roadster.

According to the people at Audi, they are planning to roll out more than 100,000 units annually and with a price tag of around €20,000 and the fact that it is meant to be the cheapest Audi around, this could just be Audi’s best offering of late. The dual-clutch transmission with a 7 speed gear control means that it will surely worth the money. The car has the looks of elegance and paints the picture of a modern drive pretty well and if the concept and pictures are anything to by, the white upholstery and the fine Italian design inside the car surely makes up more than just eye-candy.