Audi releases new TT models

The sleek design of both the cars are something which will surely blow you over really and the sheer speed of them will make you want to own one, either one, almost immediately. Both the variants are fitted with the 2.5 liter engine which boost up to 340 horsepowers and 450Nm of torque. The RS comes fitted with a 6 speed manual transmission and both cars fitted with Audi own’s Quattro all-wheel drive system.

The RS Coupe gets you from zero to hundred in 4.6 seconds while the Roadster takes 4.7 seconds to get there. What else can you say with the turbocharged 5 cylinder engines which are both impressive, fast and acceleration seemed effortless. Note that this engine, the turbocharged Quattro system is the same ones which were earlier fitted in the Audi Quattro first revealed in 1980 which had a 200 horsepower ability. 4 years later, the Sport Quattro was released which had 100 horses more.

Even if this is so, Audi only used the concept of the engine as they develop a totally new car this time around. The other thing about this engine is that it is very nicely fitted in the bonnet which measured only 49 centimeters in length. Should you like, you can make use of the Sports mode button which boosts out not only power but more growling sound from the engine boosted out through its tailpipe at the back.

To be honest, this car looks more like one you would show off to instead of for racing purposes, but we feel that the people at Audi had sports racing in mind when designing this machine. Typically a 2 seater car, the 18 inch wheels gives you the stability you so crave when taking curves and bends with this car. The Comfort driving mode gives you all the elements which makes driving such a breeze. Whatever it is, mentioning the Audi TT would always give you such character that is unmatchable to most other cars really. It does not really compete with other cars like the BMW Z series and such because the TT is always the TT, nothing else.