Audi releases the new A5 Sportback

One thing about the new A5 Sportback is that it looks very much like a coupe. The standard car gives you 17 inch wheels but you can go for the 20 inches optional ones which levels up the profile altogether. LED taillights, and its hatch back design makes it all the more enticing. This 5 door sends out a message, it means business, simple as that.

Inside the car, from the seats to the steering wheels and its upholstery, are all typical Audi. Sitting in the car do not impress upon you that you are in a sports car but more a comfortable and leisure drive than other cars around this segment, the arm rest and the cup holders tells you so. on top of that, you get hangers which are suited for shopping bags and such as well as luggage covers.

The car comes in 6 different variants although it is yet to be available in Malaysia. The 2.0 liter TFSI comes with a 211 horsepower engine with the Servotronic steering system and its dominantly aluminum suspensions on both rear and front areas makes it light and fast. The select dynamic control system gives you 3 different modes to drive in namely Comfort, Dynamic and Auto. If you buy the MMI system, you get an additional mode known as Individual.

As there are 6 different versions of the Sportback, the engine is modeled after mostly the A4 and A5 versions. Variants are divided among 2 types, TDI and FSI of which consists of 3 different engines each. The TDI range consists of the 2.0L 170horsepowers, the 190 horsepowers 2.7Liter V6 and the quick 240horsepower V6 3.0liter engines.