Auto China 2010 – Volkswagen shows E-Lavida Concept, Hyundai launches new Accent

The E-Lavida of course would be the first model to be completely designed and manufactured in China. It is also the first electric car to be made there too and would start production in 2013 where it is still in its early stages which according to Martin Winterkorn, the chairman of VW, this would be the way forward for the company as well as capitalizing on the low-emission segment. He said “China is one of the most important auto markets in the company’s global strategy. Success in China has a significant meaning for Volkswagen in achieving its electric car strategy worldwide,”

On the other hand, Hyundai too used Auto China to showcase their new Hyundai Accent. The Accent is one of the earliest models to have come out of the Korean automaker and it goes by the name Verna in some markets. Hyundai is planning to sell the Accent in China before it gets to other countries.

This model would be a completely new design and will be rolled out of its Beijing plant coming with a 1.6 liter all-aluminum DOHC engine paired with a 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox. the engine boosts out some 121horsepowers at 6,300rpm and a maximum torque of 155Nm at 4,200rpm. Apart from that, there would also be a 1.4 liter version which comes either with a 5 speed manual transmission or a 4 speed automatic transmission gearbox. This engine gets you up to 106 horses in its Continuously Variable Valve Timing system

There is also a 1.4 liter unit that produces 106hp at 6300 revs and 135Nm of torque at 5000 revs. Buyers in China can select between a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto. With the former the 1.4 liter version delivers 100 kilometers with 5.7 liters of fuel. The company revealed that the engine has an enhanced Continuously Variable Valve Timing as well as a smart alternator and air conditioning compressor. There is also a motor-driven power steering. If you like, this car do remind you a lot on the new design direction adopted by Hyundai where the front of the car do mirrors some of the Sonata, the bigger sibling of the Accent.

With the market for Hyundai cars in Malaysia growing and China being not too far away, the Accent would surely make its way into our roads pretty soon, although there has yet to be any confirmation to date.