Bahrain GP – on or off? June 3 is the deadline

The organizers of the Bahrain Grand Prix has been given another month to come up with a decision on whether the country is ready to hold its Formula One race this year after it was postponed earlier. The Bahrain GP was supposed to have been the curtain opener of the season set for March 13 but it had to be postponed after some political unrest in the country and according to the officials, it might be slotted in for a later date in the Formula 1 calendar.
The original deadline to come up with the decision was last Sunday where the organizers need to have provided assurance that the race could go ahead with a date proposed but since they cannot yet confirm that, they are now given until June 3 to declare the green or red light for the race. This is the day where the World Motor Sport Council will be meeting in Barcelona in Spain.
According to the FIA, they have granted an extension to the Bahrain Motor Federation and the Bahrain International Circuit after rounds of consultation with the authorities in Bahrain as well as the international promoter of the race, the Formula One Management. At the moment, Bahrain is under martial law where 4 protestors who demonstrated against the government were to be executed on Thursday for their involvement with the death of 2 officers of the police force.

Zayed Rashid Alzayani, the chairman of the Bahrain International Circuit is confident that despite all that, the country would be ready to give the event the go-ahead. He said that at the moment, under the State of National Safety, the situation is improving everyday and so one cannot discount the big possibility that the Bahrain GP could well be slotted into the calendar this year. There has been reports that the race could be pushed as far as November 20 and if that happens, it would mean that the Brazil GP would have to give way and be held on November 27 for the curtain closer of the season. But at the moment, it is still very hard to say so until June 3, the Brazilian GP organizers would need to be ready.