Ban on heavy vehicles on 3 PLUS routes during peak hours starting August 2

He said that the routes affected by the ban are the New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE) from Shah Alam and Jalan Duta, the North-South Expressway (NSE) between Sungai Buloh and Bukit Lanjan and between Subang and Sungai Rasau along the Federal Highway Route 2.

He said that if vehicles are found breaking the rule, compound fines will be issued without hesitation by the traffic police where an RM1,000 fin and a 3 months jail sentence is imposable under the Road Transport Act 1970’s Section 20(4). This ban is the same which is being imposed on heavy vehicles entering the capital during morning peak hours which involves vehicles in the Class2 and Class 3 categories with weight of 10,000kg and above when loaded and as well as unloaded.

Nik Airina Nik Jaffar, the Chief Operating Officer of PLUS said that the mentioned heavy vehicles which moves very slowly along the 3 routes are the main contributing factors to the traffic congestion there as there are about 450,000 vehicles utilizing them daily. This problem is further compounded when the heavy vehicles break down and are stranded along the highways. By imposing the restriction, the morning peak congestion in traffic could be reduced further. The same ban also was imposed on the Penang bridge for 2 years with very good results in reducing traffic congestion during the peak hours there.

She added that the ban will take effect starting August 2 and will be enforced starting at 6.30am until 9.30am. The ban will not be applicable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. PLUS will also be installing signboards this week along the highways affected to inform and warn motorists about the new ruling. To ensure that the lorry operators are aware of and that answer to their objections if any, Nik Airina said that the issue has already been discussed between PLUS and AMH (Association of Malaysian Haulier) and the PMLOA (Pan Malaysia Lorry Owners Association) and that their feedback has been positive.