Barrichello hits out at Brawn GP for causing him to lose race

To make matters worse, there was a fuel rig problem during his second pit stop which pulled him further down the standings. He spoke out sarcastically, "It was a good show from the team on how to lose a race today,"

Barichello, who coming into the German GP was second in the overall standings felt that he could have made it more competitive if he had won the race added "I'm terribly upset with the way things went. I did all I had to do. I went first on the first corner and then they made me lose the race. If it is really what's going on, we're going to end up losing both championships. I feel sorry for myself, the team. To be very honest, I wish I could get on the plane and go home. I don't want to talk to anyone in the team. It will be all 'bla bla bla' and I don't want to hear that,"

Ross Brawn, the team boss said that he has since spoken to his driver and the issue has been resolved. "Once he got back and we talked things through he was fine," said Brawn. "Rubens is a great team player. Everyone is working so well together and Rubens and Jenson recognise that. The fact we have such a great atmosphere drives us on and we don't want to lose that. We've been completely honest with the drivers. They know the situation and their engineers know that – there's no favouritism.”

Barichello has since threatened to quit if he feels that Brawn GP practices double standards in the team, just like how he felt when he was with Ferrari. He said "If I get the slightest sniff of the fact that they have favoured Jenson, I will hang up my helmet tomorrow. But I know Ross wouldn't do that. He asked me to drive for him and he knows I want to race fairly with Jenson."

Of course Ross Brawn has denied any of this saying that "We don't have a one and a two driver. They're both on equal terms and conditions."