Behold, the 273hp new Mazda CX-9

One look at the SUV you can almost be sure to want to own it. The impression that it gets is that the looker would want to be the owner of a car with great performance, comfort and the appearance which are sophisticated, modern and yet elegant. The first impression that the CX-9 gives when you first see it will not depart far from the typical Mazda car. In front, the synonymous 5 point grille pretty much tells you it’s a Mazda. The car comes standard with new additions which include newly designed radiator grilles, new wheel designs in both 20 and 18 inches respectively. Compared to its older version, the side mirrors are now bigger and more aerodynamic.

Inside the vehicle, the cylinder-oriented shapes pretty much dominates its design. You can identify the articulate craftsmanship in around the interior of the car as Mazda has spent quite a lot of emphasis on the details of its design. The viewer can easily identify the controls for the air-conditioning, audio and video controls and all other standard knobs and buttons. As if that is not enough, the performance of the car is something that will definitely suit the power-hungry driver. Its 3.7 liter V6 engine comes standard that produces up to 273horsepowers. A chain-driven dual overhead camshafts are fitted in its valvetrain with variable intake valvbe timing. The engine is able to push 273 horsepowers at 6,250 rpm and torque curve for 250 lb-ft from 3,000 to 6,000 rpm and peaking with 270 lb-ft at 4,250 rpm. The car comes equipped with the Sport AT Automatic transmission with manual mode in its 6 speed gear box, pretty much the industry standard these days.

One of the ‘cool’ additions to the CX-9 is the BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) system which is extremely useful especially in overtaking and when changing lanes. This is an extremely useful function especially when you are attempting to overtake. The function comes into action when driving above 20mph where the BSM will notify you if it detects a moving object on either side with an illuminating light. If you still attempt to maneuver towards the direction, then the warning light flashes with a sound.

The 3 rowed vehicle can easily sit 6 passengers with lots of room space although 7 might be a bit cramped. The car’s RSC (Roll Stability Control) is a great addition for comfortable driving. ABS (anti-lock Brake System) are fitted in all 4 wheels while the EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) are provided for as well. On top of that, TCS (Traction Control System) helps to stabilize the car in high speed.

With standard accessories like trip computer, airbags, BlueTooth facilities and 18 inch aluminum wheels and tyres with the Mazda’s own proprietary Advanced Keyless Entry and Start System, the car is ready to further establish itself as one of the major players in this segment.