Bentley’s 2010 GTC Speed is crazily fast and looks superb as well

The company’s designers at Crewe has rolled out a car which is way too powerful for its time. Although not entirely in the same bracket of the Bug, this car has too much in it which will leave anyone, any car breathless, even with the top down. From its design to the aerodynamics, the engine to its transmission, wheels to handling and such, all are set in motion to achieve one particular objective. To make this car fast and that is pretty much all there is to it.

The big ‘B’ has incorporated a 6.0 liter twin turbo W12 engine which together with its way lower and repositioned aerodynamics boosts out some 600 horsepowers. Of course this is way slower than Bugatti’s 1000 horsepower Cheyvron but then again, at 600 horses, aren’t you a friction slower than the F1s? Essentially, you get from zero to hundred in 4.5 seconds and it gets you to a top speed of 200mph while if you are driving without the roof, you get to 195mph, not much of a difference there really.

Of course, this car is not entirely about speed only as inside the car, luxury and elegance are the main elements. You get massaging seats while the in-car navigation system gets you to control your music and entertainment which connects to iPods and Bluetooth as well. if you like, the Naim audio hi-fi system powered through its 1,100 watts of power is just a crazy addition although some might appreciate the engine growls more.

If you are one who constantly worry about handling and performance, this will definitely be the least thing you should have your mind thinking about. No other cars really comes this close. Perhaps the one thing you should be worried about is where and how you can park the car or on the constant attention you are gaining when driving it, top down or not.