BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo – Roadster with a feminine touch

This would be the model which shares the same wheelbase as the 7 series which is the reason why it does resemble the top range car but ultimately, it still possesses its own character and personality. Of course, the term GT means that this car is fast and could fit right into any race track. It comes with a 550i twin turbocharged engine which essentially is made up of its 4.4 liter V8 model which gets you from zero to hundred in 5.4 seconds. The engine boosts out some 400 horsepowers and this speaks volumes in itself.

One of the main thing about this car is that BMW revealed they will are targeting more than 50% of buyers of this car to be women. This is because as much as the engine speaks of power and speed, the design does not. In fact, having said that, it does look a wee bit ‘feminine’. This is somewhat unorthodox which is not what a typical race-car like vehicle would look like.

The car is fitted with an 8 speed automatic transmission which is very smooth and almost flawless. If desired, you can also switch to the manual mode which allows you to get better control of the car when racing. Its plush white interiors would very much reminds you of its ‘tenderness’. New BMW cars also comes with their very own successful iDrive system which is included here within its 10.2 inch screen display. On top of that the standards like the ConnectDrive, Lane Departure Warning as well as Lane Change Warning systems are also fitted in. You can also chose between the standard 5 seater model or the 4 seater space inside where the back row is then replaced with 2 bucket seats.