BMW 740Li a great addition to the 7 Series family

So herewith is the 740Li and what makes this car such a gem. Of course, being a Bimmer in nature, you can rest assure that this car is fast, quick and very impressive. Despite the size and the weight of this machine, it gets you from point A to point B very quickly. In this case, zero to hundred in 6 seconds. As agreed among the German carmakers, the car hits the top speed of 250km/h which is pretty much the maximum as it is electronically tuned. If it was not, then this vehicle could have easily hit 280/290.. effortless.

The car comes fitted with a 3.0liter V8 engine with 2 turbocharged system this RM748,000 machine is one of the most luxurious saloon around. Of course, if you are paying close to 1mil, you will expect this car to be of the best standard. Hit the accelerator to 200 on the highways and you will know what I am talking about. Handling of the car especially in higher speeds is smooth and stable. If you are looking for a comfortably ride, then select Comfort mode which softens its suspensions and the engine functions more economical so that you can enjoy your ride. Otherwise, the car in Normal mode would function not just like any other car, but just like a typical 7 series.

If you are one who is in for the performance, then use Sports mode where the engine functions efficiently and performance becomes its top priority. This is where you will find that the gearbox becomes highly responsive and anticipates your driving behavior which gives you the power and acceleration you need in driving a typical sports car really. The car looks big form the outside but then again, this is a 7 series and it is usually the size which comes within these models. But you have admit that the sheer size of this car is impressive enough and is important to demonstrate your arrival. The car comes with 19 inch Pirelli tyres which is cool and looks great.

Inside the car, you will notice all the things and elements which makes this car as luxurious as it comes. The seats are electronically controlled and is quite much customizable to suit your seating posture. The DVD screen are situated on the back of the front seat obviously for the bosses behind, regardless if they are real bosses or your underage kids (your bosses too ain’t it?).

The BMW 740Li is typically a 7 Series car and you can rest assure that the top of the range variant of the product line is one which excels very well, sitting atop most of its competitors and anyone else who dare come close. Driving is an unforgettable experience, which pretty much explains why you barely see any chauffer driven 7 series around.