BMW-less BMW-Sauber F1 rolls out new C29 car

It comes with a bigger fuel tank which is expected after the recent decision on banning refueling. The white and blue livery too looks somewhat similar to last season’s design where they are still waiting for sponsors to turn up. Apart from that, it also comes with the double-decker diffuser as well as a shark-fins cover. Pedro de la Rosa will be the ‘veteran’ driver here with Kamui Kobayashi the rookie, often the style of Peter Sauber in the sport. After all, he did discover Kimi Rakkonein.

He said “The last few months have been very intense for us. First we had to battle to secure the survival of the team and then we focused on putting a strong set-up in place for the future. The technical preparation of the 2010 car has continued uninterrupted and according to plan since the spring of 2009, despite all the turmoil.”