BMW unveils Concept C scooter

Furthermore, the streets are getting more crowded these days so to get one of these zippy vehicles would surely be ideal enough, what more if you are driving a BMW one. Simply named the Concept C, they have ensured that this 2 wheeler maintains the German auto giant’s DNA all over. After all, they have so many years of experience to work with so it is just natural that they transfer the technology and knowledge into good use.

It comes with a 2 cylinder engine paired with a continuously-variable transmission gearbox and BMW said that in future they are looking to produce an electric powered model as well. It comes with dual disc brakes in the front wheels while in the back you get the single disc system that is equipped with ABS.

BMW Motorrad is the arm of the company responsible for charting out their superbikes and other 2 wheelers and this would be their latest addition to the product line. According to them, the handling of their motorcycles which are pretty much renowned already would be used in the C while ensuring that the comfort and agility are all preserved. Typically, once they finalized the model for production, it would come off their Berlin manufacturing plant.

The ‘split face’ up front states very clearly their intent of keeping the big scooter under the BMW school of design and personalities while the C is supposedly stand for ‘commuter’ which is what they are after with this revolutionary model. On top of that, it also comes with a twin-tipped spoilers in front. LEDs are used for the lights upfront as well while they have also included 2 LCD monitors for the driver to keep you informed on the speed and any other important information you might need while riding.