BMW X6 M is the new big bully

If you haven’t already know, the M Division of BMW are the division in the company which always give the base versions their extra sportier ‘evil twin brother’ persona. This is what they have been doing for the past 38 years or so since they first launched the BMW M Sport then. But that is another piece of story altogether and here we are looking at one of the latest offerings by this division. The thing is, putting the M in a coupe or a sedan is one thing but on a huge SAV (Sports Activity Coupe) like this, well, this is humongous. To a certain extent, this really tells you just how crazy the people in BMW are, and with this release, you know it is going to be out of this world.

So what does the X6 M actually gives you? To begin with, power. The original X6 xDrive50i engine is what they have modified here boosting out a 555 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 608Nm from its 4,395cc V8 engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox with paddle shifters if you want to go manual on this one. This is a whooping 150 horses more than the original version. Whichever direction you are coming from, getting you from zero to hundred in 4.7 seconds means this SUV is one sporty machine.

Secondly, you get size. This car is made to give you all the space you need. The thing is it looks big from the outside and inside is no different. The cool thing about this is the fact that BMW did not create a big, clumsy machine but one which exudes class and elegance in being big. Its body of 2,305 kg means that it would definitely need the power to go with it. Apart from the power churned out through its 4.4 liter engine, thie car comes standard with some cool additions like DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), HDC (Hill Descent Control), DBC (Dynamic Brake Control), CBC (Cornering Brake Control), ICM (Integrated Chassis Management), among others. All in all, this car is easy to drive and even if it is big in size, it is just a great drive.