Brabus gets you the car, and the best Apple gadgets in its new iBusiness V12 Biturbo Merceders S600

Another cool feature is the fact that the new tablet craze from Apple is connected to control the car’s COMAND, which is the in-car entertainment, navigation and telecommunications system. They have also fitted in a table sort of space where you can plug in an external mouse and keyboard. These tables are fully adjustable and are deployed electronically through the seatback consoles. On top of that, there is a Mac mini fitted in an drawer in the rear shelf which is also deployed electronically.

Under the hood, Brabus has given the engine a boost by tuning it up to a 6.3 liter V12 twin turbo engine that gets you up to 750horses and 1,350Nm of torque. They have added in bigger turbochargers and paired with a 5 speed automatic transmission gearbox. According to Brabus, the car gets you from zero to hundred in 4 seconds and top speeding at 340km/h, it is supposedly the fastest luxury sedan in the world.

They have also put in new sill skirts, a rear spoiler lip as well as a quad sport exhaust system. LED daytime running lights are also included together with aluminum sport fenders while putin in custom tailored tires, brakes and suspension choices where you can also opt for wheels between 19 to 21 inches.