Brabus SLS-AMG – Best of both worlds? Best of all worlds!

It comes with a new body kit which is made using carbon-fiber used in Formula 1 cars. This new kit includes a new front spoiler while 2 Brabus covers are used for the upper air inlets. Brabus too has put in their own version of rear spoilers, a rear fascia element as well as its own exhaust system and new air outlets for the front fenders. The stock version comes with a 6.3 liter V8 engine where Brabus would most likely be beefing that up as well although they have yet to confirm on that.

With their own exhaust system which is lighter by 12kgs, you will get a way faster car where they have added 10 horses to its original 571 horsepower engine. Apart from that, they have also put in their own custom made suspensions which are height adjustable while a front lift system would also be offered where the car could be 50mm higher. A speedometer is also included by Brabus which gets to 400km/h (imagine that!) while an ergonomical sports steering wheel is also thrown in.

Other cool stuff here include the Brabus logo illuminated, stainless-steel scuff plates and matte-anodized foot pedal while they have also put in the Brabus Monoblock F Platinum Edition cross-spoke wheels which are known for being ultra light. In fact, it is supposedly 12% lighter than usual wheels with 20 inches ones in front and 21 inches wheels on the rear enveloped by Pirelli and Yokohama rubber.

Typically, this 2 seater looks everything a sports car should be where if you like you can also chose the upholstery of the car from various types of leather and Alcantara in the colour of your choice but if you look at the pictures, the black leather with red stitching seemed to suit the outside black of the car already. Again, we must stress that with the engine still in development, the fact that the speedometer gets to 400 tells you something, doesn’t it?