Brabus wins ‘Best Brand 2010’

The result was tabulated from a poll which involved some 100,000 readers of the magazine where Brabus, at 49.2% garnered the more votes than any other tuning company. They were voted for their superior design and engineering which saw them bring home the Best Brand 2010 title. Awards like these are usually very helpful for the sales of any car brand and with the result tabulated through readers’ polls, it would surely boost the brand image further and enhances its customers’ confidence.

Winning the award, which was in the tuning companies category shows that Brabus, which was a company founded back in 1977 by Klaus Brackmann and Bodo Buschmann surely has come a long way from where it started. They also tune Smart and Maybach cars. According to the latter, who is also the current Chief Executive Officer, “This fifth emphatic vote for us in a row once more validates the Brabus philosophy of developing and building fascinating and exclusive high-performance automobiles and tuning components,”

This means that the bar is now raised and the engineering and tuning team at Brabus would have to up their ante and work harder to meet the expectations of its fans. Datuk S M Faisal S M Nasimuddin, the Group Executive Chairman of Naza Group, who is the Malaysian partner of Brabus concurred. He said “This proves the success of the Brabus brand and just how widely accepted it truly is. It just goes to show the brand’s commitment to its enthusiasts, which further bolsters our commitment to our customers,”

Naza-Brabus Motor Sdn Bhd is the sole Malaysia and Singapore distributor of Brabus cars, parts, merchandise and service where 2 centers have since been opened to cater for the customers. One in Bangsar and another in Petaling Jaya where customers are able to customized their Brabus cars.