Bugatti’s 16C Galibier Concept is as fine as art can get

To begin with, top speeding at 220mph, the 16C Galibier will be the world’s fastest car as well as the most expensive luxury sedan. It comes with a 8.0 liter W16 engine with 2 stage supercharging system. It is capable to run ethanol and comes with an all-wheel drive system as well as an extensive application of carbon fiber and aluminum material to ensure that the car is not overweight and yet maintains the robustness that requires.

Put very simply, if you want to know what is elegance, luxury, speed and performance all in one car, then the Galibier is the one. Set for production in 2012, there is also a Parmigiani Fleurier tour-billion clock on the dashboard of the car which can be removed and then be used either on your wrist or on the table.

In front, the intimidating nose dive which pretty much tells you that this is the car of the year, the century or for any time’s sake. Using LED bulbs in the outline of the headlamps, you cannot but be impressed with the way the designers have been so particular about the details. Inside the car, you get 4 bucket seats which comes with aluminum headrest support with some very cool looking retro meters on the dashboard and as mentioned, the clock sits nicely in the middle of it all. One thing you will really like are its plush brown leather upholstery which looks and smell good all over.

Behind the car, you will get the 8 almost flawless and shiny exhaust tailpipes (if you must, its one for every one of its 8.0 liter engine) and the curvy and shiny LED tail lamps which are made to complement the ones in front. Mated with an 8 speed transmission gearbox, the engine deliver blows after blows of horsepower that will not suit the faint hearted. This car is not a machine, it is a work of art. And a very fine one.