Buick Verano 2012 – Not available here, but looks good and very powerful

Whatever happens and whatever the future holds, this would most likely not make it here as Buick cars are not really made for our markets anyway. But we have to show off the new Buick Verano 2012 anyhow because it looks good, drives better and is quite powerful. It is typically a compact luxury sedan model from GM (General Motors) which will be the third new model to have come out from this brand which they put on show at the Detroit Motor Show recently.

According to GM, the new 2012 Verano will start selling this Q4 and like the other siblings from Buick like the Regal, the LaCrosse and the Enclave, the Verano will come with a reputation for luxury and technology. It comes with a heated steering wheel and the OnStar (in the US) system that connects the vehicle with your smart phone.

Powered up by the EcoTec 2.4 liter engine mated with a 6 speed automatic transmission gearbox, this care boosts out 177 horses and 230 Nm of torque that gets you from zero to hundred in 8 seconds. GM said that a turbo powertrain 2.0 engine is in the works and with figures like that, GM is confident that they will give their competitors a run for their money, namely, Audi and Lexus.

According to GM, there are 5 elements which are incorporated into this model that distinguishes its personality which are a sculpted design, a luxurious interior, very quiet tuning, so much so that they claimed is the quietest compact sedan on the road, a refined and responsive performance engine and purposeful technology which as mentioned comes with the nice systems and 10 standard air bags.

The Verano comes with 17 inch multi spoke alloy wheels while one can opt for 18 inch ones while it is also given translucent blue projector-beam headlamps, a unique touch. Inside the car, they put in metallic and wood trims while standard equipments here include a push-button engine start system, dual-zone climate control air conditioning, electronic parking brake steering wheel mounted audio controls and such. Perhaps the most significant attribute of this is in its quietness when driving which is made possible by the laminated glass around the car.