Button is the new F1 World Champion

The manner by which he won the championship too was a commendable effort as he started the race on fourteenth and determination and some flawless driving saw him finish at Brazil in fourth place. He claimed ‘I am the World Champion, baby!”. After the race, he said “That was such an awesome race! I made it happen and that deserved it that race. It was such a great race and I really enjoyed it. For me, it was the perfect way to win it. Twenty-one years ago I jumped in a car and I loved winning. I never expected to be world champion in F1 but we’ve done it today.”

Apart from winning the driver’s title, Brawn GP too won the Constructors’ title where Ross Brawn, who very much brought this team on the brink of breaking up to get to the pinnacle of motor sports. He broke down in tears before paying credit to his driver and team, a majority of whom were without a team after Honda BAR racing team called it quits.

Brawn said “Jenson is a fantastic racer and had a great race. We’ve lost a little bit of pace in the car compared to some of our rivals over the second half of the season, but he’s stuck with it and deserves it. I have to say to all of those that couldn’t be with us because of when had to resize the team that my thanks goes out to them because they worked so hard. I hope they can be very proud with what they achieved for the team because they’ve been a part of everything we’ve done.”

Taking up fifth spot meant that his closest contenders, fellow team mate Ruben Barrichello and Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing will not be able to catch up in points. A lot of rumours have been going around for sometime now about his future in the team and now Button wants to sit down and hold talks with Brawn GP where he is said to want to stay.

Button, during his time with the Honda racing team drew a yearly salary of £8million and had to be downsized to £3million when Brawn GP took over. Now it seemed that he wants to reinstate his pay check to its original. Button said “I want to be here next year and I want to be with a team that can challenge for victories like this season. Brawn can do that. These guys are not one-hit wonders. We’ve some sensationally talented people in our team. We might not be big like other teams, but that will be a benefit to us next season as the teams have to get smaller and we have the right amount of people for next year.”

For now, he will enjoy his moment of stardom “But I haven’t talked to the team seriously about anything for next year. We wanted to get this out of the way. I will sit down and discuss it when I’ve got over my hangover! It’s great to be sat here as World Champion and I personally think I thoroughly deserve it. I’ve been the best over 16 races, and that’s what World titles are all about. I am it. I am a World Champion, and I’m going to keep saying it, especially after a race that, for me, was the best I’ve driven in my life. I know it’s because of the emotion involved with it, but also I knew I had to make it happen, and that’s why I’m sat here as the World Champion. I’m going to enjoy this moment like you would not believe – and you can do that when you’ve won.”