Button tries to diffuse title contending suggestions but upbeat anyhow

He must be overjoyed at the moment although he is cautious not to be overconfident. With 6 rounds over in the 17 round championship, perhaps another few chequered flags will be enough to give Button the needed believe that he might just win the title this year, ahead of usual favourites from McLaren and Ferrari

He played down talks and suggestions that he is in line for the title but with the win at Monaco, he knows how reality can be and said that his position is good at the moment. He said “We’ve proved that the package is good and I think we’re looking very strong for the next few races. This race is massive for us. After winning five races I would have hoped to have had a little bit more of a lead. The good thing is in a way it makes it more exciting that there’s only two points between first and second.”

At this juncture, he knows fair well that anyone who can pip him in the next few races between the first and second, things could change considerably much. Of course, if anyone is to take the flag from him, he would prefer to be his own. “If Rubens starts winning the next few, or someone else starts winning the next few races, I’ll be happy there’s just two points from first to second. It’s just the way the points system is. To win five races in a season is different from most seasons in F1. It is a competitive season. Red Bull’s up there, McLaren, Ferrari, Toyotas, we have a lot of different challengers, and in a way that’s good because everyone’s fighting over the points.”

Lewis Hamilton, who started the season brimming with confidence after his remarkable achievement last season believe that they are out of the race and would be glad to see a fellow Briton take the title. He said “Jenson’s doing a fantastic job and clearly he’s in the best position to win the championship. I’d definitely put my money on him,”

Button also added that “I said before the race it doesn’t mean any more than any other race, but that might have been a little white lie. I didn’t want to put any pressure on myself. We all know the truth – this circuit is fantastic. It’s completely different to any other circuit we race on and to win here is a great feeling. It’s very strange feeling because you start backing off a little bit but in reality it’s the worst thing because when you lose concentration anything can happen. So much was going through my mind. You start thinking: ‘If I get this to the end I’m going to win in Monaco’. I had to really concentrate. But the last two laps were very enjoyable – I knew I had a big enough gap and I could just enjoy it.”

The minute he won the race, Button yelled over the radio ‘Yeah, Monaco baby!, Yeah’. Rightfully so.